I have started a new side gig as a reviewer of Fan Fiction on The Lesbian Review site. The first one I have reviewed is of the famous Star Trek Voyager series “Just between” written by author Gina L. Dartt. The two main characters are Captain Kathryn Janeway and the ex-Borg Seven of Nine. Go check out the review and also the story arch from the author site. This is a great FanFic not to be missed by those loving Star Trek Voyager and those whom perhaps always did ship the Captain and Seven and shouted out while watching the show on television; “Just kiss already!”

“Lusty Lesfemmes is a magazine that is specifically created for the erotic minds and kinky curiosities of lesbians, bi-women, inquisitive kitties and any and all women who identify as queer or otherwise. We all deserve the chance to feast our eyes on literature that ignites a fire.” Aleksandra Amante


Myself, among several other talented erotica writers have written their short stories and thus partaking in this project for a publication of WLW tales for all those who love to read them. The magazine is edited and published by the multitalented Aleksandra Amante. Please visit her site by clicking on the image below and download the magazine for free from there. Thank you for supporting this project, its creator Aleksandra and all of us writers too!

More on the content and the writers who contributed their stories to the magazine can be found in Aleksandra’s post here “The Summer Issue Has Been Released!

This volume is the third magazine in the publication series. You can find volumes 1 and 2 on the same site as well to download with lots more stories from the various writers who are taking part in this continuing project.

Gun Roswell Blog for the more erotic kind poetry launched. A sister page to my Gun Roswell Author page and The Rantings of a Third Kind page.

More content to follow soon..