Here you can find the books I am working on currently. I have three series in progress, waiting to be published soon. Needless to say, that I love sci-fi as all three series have elements of science fiction in them, more or less. All books contain strong female characters, whom I consider to be ageless. These women are far from perfect, doing their best to survive and help others to do so too. There is adventure, odd stuff, aliens (of course) and women loving women, characters of all kind including drag queens. So, go, check them out, read and enjoy a brief time in my world!

Set in the future where Earth is recovering from the catastrophe caused by those who had become before, and now the brave people are picking up their lives and fighting against the existing regime suppressing all individuality and those whom are considered to be different, not fitting the ideal pattern of life, according to the charter.

A tale of redemption, rebuilding and living the life you want, being yourself and fighting for those who cannot fend for themselves, with the aid of an alien race who have been visiting Earth in the past and have left their seeds among the Humans now wandering the Earth. War, adventure, travel and life in a techno-western type settlement called simply, Perfection.

Agents with special abilities employed by the Company, fighting against the evil elements with the aid of alien tech. Nothing is ever as black and white as some would like, as there is so much grey and other colours in the mix too. And even your colleague and friend might turn against you, and then there is the naughty bad guy coalition, which are women too (of course) raising all kinds of hell. But the dynamic team with the two lead agents, Foxx and Wolfe even the odds, always.

Set in the future, where humanity has ventured out in the galaxy and found allies, forming a loose coalition of planets. However, there are those elements all around, whom intend to cause harm to others and while the legitimate forces try to fend those elements off, it is not always so simple. Enter Forty-Seven, a group of like minded women and those who identify under said category or close, who work under the radar to bring justice to all whom are unable to fend for themselves.