Gun Roswell

Welcome to my page of books, stories, poetry and yes, even a podcast or few (which is on the menu for later). There is sci-fi, action, crime investigation, romance, sometimes explicit, often times general kind of themes and well, some odd stuff too. But, all the stories of mine feature strong women/women types in them, always.

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Free story for you to download (COMING SOON)
The Island
An overworked police woman and a former international woman of mystery meet on an island resort full of ready and willing female types, only to be drawn into a crime investigation. While it was all supposed to be fun and games on this idyllic paradise like place, the two ladies end up in quite the dangerous waters.

My latest project including my erotic poetry and short story in parts:
You can download the free issues from fellow author Aleksandra Amantes page. Go and check it out, there is some sizzling stuff there to be found as well so flip those pages and hit those links!