Who am I?
Gun Roswell is my name, residing in the fine city of Espoo in the Scandinavian land of Finland. Enjoying life as we know it (yes there is life beyond the world wide web and up in the great and cold North too ;P) Also enjoying travelling and trying to visit new and old exotic places, well any place is exotic in comparison to the cold North, eh? 

What have I done?
Well, I have been; a tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, a bum and a lamb. Well, maybe really not all of those, but at least a DJ, a customer quack, some kind of salesperson and also, a duck (yes you read it right!) and now, I pretend to write!

I am currently acting as a blogger (short tales, humorous tales and poetry) some fan fiction writing on the side too as I like to think myself as a storyteller of sorts and when a series I like does not go my way, then I write it right, right!?

I am also a photo snapper, video doodler and a closet book/screenplay writer on my spare time. During the day, I totally pretend to be an IT expert and I have gotten away with it for the last twenty plus years (Oops! Hope my boss isn’t reading this!).

My passion (more like an obsession these days) is to write, write and write some more. And maybe snap a few photos in the process. Oh, and love all animals, aliens and humans and save the world and all the basic miss congeniality kind of stuff of course.

My past:
I guess I started scribbling when I got my first crayons and started learning my alphabet around the tender young age of five. After taking breaks in the attempt on writing, I restarted writing again after the internet was invented (not!). At that time, there were no officially named blogs nor social media in the sense of today. Just a few simple handmade sites with no or little feedback options. Some of you may have heard of those times as the dark ages, during which stone knives and bearskins were common practice. A chisel was the default tool for us bards, as we used to carve the letters in really, really hard stone. And at a time, when no one had even heard of a com-puter (what the hell is that?)

This, is actually my third attempt in writing publicly. And, the second time publishing on the world wide forum of the intergalactic internet. Thank goodness for the electronically inclined devices of today, saving so much time and energy for us mere mortals! Guess we truly do live the good times! I have been writing actively again, since 2015, mostly, on my blog, but also on fan fiction sights (A03) and in between working and life, I have drafted some books too. Not a single day has gone by without me, myself and I, writing at least one poem (promise). So, now, hopefully, publishing awaits for the soon to be completed products and 2021 will be a very good year!

A funny(?) anecdote from my past:
After my first attempt to sell a screenplay here in Finntown, which I had written in English (naturally) and translated to Finnish, and this happened sometime in the 1990s (yes, that is a valid year) I got the feedback from them, politely of course, that of it being “too American for our taste” from the local production company. Suffice to say, I stopped writing for a while back then, guessing the why?