Star Wars the Clone Wars and the Bad Batch FanFiction – new stories and updates posted on ao3 and – March 2023

I have uploaded several stories of fan fiction on Archive of Our Own (AO3) and of adventures in Star Wars The Bad Batch and The Clone Wars.

These tales are categorised by series (themes, pairings, etc.) for easier follow-up as the stories are certainly piling up 😀

I am also in the process of dropping several stories written over the years which have remained in my EDIT pile forever and hating things going to waste so publishing them as raw as they were written! (unedited first drafts.)

These tales follow original story lines diverging from the Star Wars canon. Well , most of them do as some are so called retcon/fixit tales as well. All of them being pure fan fiction aka Fanon. Naturally! Still paying homage to the original stories in the so called Canon.

Go check them out here on:
Archive Of Our Own (AO3)

The Bad Batch with Rex

A few special picks:
Tech Lives!
The Grief of it All
Commanders, Commandos and Cloning Conspiracies
Echo The Arc Trooper 
Only in our Dreams

Swap Meet 

A few picks for the prompts from Clone Haven Montly/ Codex Week 2023/ Boil*Waxer Month 2023:
Saved lives, Force visions – Home found
Painted Heart
Kitchen Duty


Hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!
There will be many more stories to be told.
My WIP/EDIT folders full of stories waiting to be written, edited and published!

New series:
The Clone Uprising: The clone rebellion series with Clone Commander Cody
The Axis and the Fulcrum
: Luthen Rael and Ahsoka Tano (side story of Clone Uprising)
Thar be Clone Cadets here: The Bad Batch season two post episode eleven and beyond. A different heading to the “Canon” of the series.
The Bad Batch S2 Add-ons: A series dedicated to filling in the gaps of seasons one and two. The missing scenes if you will and those related stories (could be canon – or not!)
TBBS2E15-16 FIXITS: Retcons and fixits for the Canon saga post S2E15/16.

And don’t forget:
Trouble in Clone Haven, which is the continuation to The Clone from the Past.

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